About Róisín Bán...

We are a four piece Celtic folk band based in Yorkshire in the UK and we play songs & tunes tailored to the UK folk scene. At a Róisín Bán gig, you will hear a variety of mainly traditional songs & tunes from Ireland, Scotland, England & Brittany, plus Paddy doing some sean nos (old style) Irish dancing, giving both variety & entertainment to the listener.

Steve Lacey: guitar, tenor guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo & vocals

Chris Dyson: fiddle, octave mandola & vocals

Paddy Heffron: melodeons, vocals & sean nos dancing

Gordon Tyrrall: flute, guitar, electric cello & vocals

Róisín Bán are doing very well on the UK folk scene, having performed at numerous folk festivals & other venues since their formation in 2013. During 2015 the band did a tour of the Netherlands & Belgium & performed in Spain at the prestigious Costa Del Folk festival & indeed have been booked for almost a dozen festivals in 2015. For more information on live performances - click here.